Cottage in the woods

WelcomeTo Our Bed and Breakfast Cottage

Welcome To Our Bed and Breakfast Cottage

Been stuck in the city too long? The Country Hideaway B&B is the place for you. Secluded, in a romantic setting, our beautiful cottage is waiting to be discovered.

Fifteen minutes from Highway 97 and the town of Enderby, British Columbia, the one and only cottage sits on the edge of the beautiful Shuswap River at the far end of our 15 acres. It is tucked into the forest and surrounded bywell, forest.

The self-contained cottage is the perfect spot if you're looking for privacy and a place to get away.


If you want to be close to everything the area has to offer, it starts when you step out the door. So many things to do within a half hour's drive.

Give us a call at 250-838-6323 or 250-503-7941 or contact us. We're open year round.


What a tremendous and peaceful slice of heaven! The cabin is like no place else anywhere and being surrounded by green trees and plants and the wonderful scent of cedar and fresh earth brings a special sereneness. Thank you.

Diane and Maureen

Linda and Bruce, thank you so much for your hospitality and for sharing your paradise with us what a perfect spot! Couldn't sleep last night so I spent an hour or so looking at the detail, didn't get bored because there are so many. Like how did you put the upstairs railing in? Still thinking about a name that does it justice “Lightwood and Riverplace”.

Jane and Ian

Enchanting, Exciting, Peaceful, Beautiful, Wonderful.

We'll be back, had a fantastic time. Thanks so much.

Kim and Bill

Thank you for inviting us to “Shangri-La”, so beautiful and peaceful. All of your love shines here…

Thank you for allowing us to celebrate Melissa's birthday here.

See you again!

Love From Deb, Ethann, Melissa & Gang

river view

What a wonderful paradise! The most beautiful “Cabin in the Woods” ever!

Val, John, Kellie & Dylan

“Natural Art Gallery” or something around this theme. Each window frames a masterpiece. This was a wonderful discovery for us. Also enjoyed your creative and “homey” touches of welcome — the wild cranberry jelly “et al”.

John and Vera

We rush about our lives, when working or living in the city, without taking time to look at the simple pleasures of life. This place does an amazing thing. It reminds us of times more simple-of the sanctuary that nature provides-if we just take the time to notice. Thank you Bruce and Linda for delivering natures palate.

T. Cobb and N. Reeves

Perfect place to Regroup, Retreat & Recharge.

We will return.

   “Live, Love, Laugh”

Kristina & Michael

Cottage in the woods.